Our company


Since 1999 we work with cutting-edge technology applied to our processes. This makes us achieve the highest quality standards in all our products, guaranteeing the best price-quality ratio to customized solutions, adapted to the current market needs.

Our strategic line leads us to engage qualified staff and implant new technologies that allow continuous growth and the capacity to diversify and adapt to the market.

Our facilities: evolution and enlargement.

In 2015, Utingal invests again in innovation and expands its facilities in Tui, with the goal of consolidating themselves within the aeronautical sector.

Our facilities in the past
  • Our facilities were distributed in two plants, 1.500m2 and 1.000m2 each.
Instalaciones antiguas de Utingal

Símbolo empresa UtingalServices

  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Metallic Parts
  • Composites
  • Serial production
  • Aeronautics
  • Special machines

Current facilities
  • Utingal currently lies on a 4.000m2 plant that fulfils all our customer’s requests. As a result of our of continuous improvement policy, we have adjusted our facilities and working teams: expansion of working spaces, unification of working teams under the same building, acquisition of new machinery and dimensional verification means and new recruitments.
Nuevas instalaciones de Utingal

simboloPartnership Policies

Utingal keeps constant contact with the market, associations and institutions, where it actively participates as a development strategy promoter.


cropped-simbolo.pngEquality policy

Utingal is firmly committed to implement policies which help to decrease inequalities in the employment area.