Quality and environment

Quality certifications

Our quality management system is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. Since 2011, it is also certified according to the UNE-EN9100 standard, which applies to aeronautic components design and manufacturing.

Quality manuals and procedures are our working basis; they establish the guidelines to be followed by our staff.

Being aware of the continuous evolution of the market needs and expectations, and being convinced that only with a company that satisfies those requirements at all times, we can maintain and increase our presence in that market, we focus on instilling the workers the Quality and Environmental Management Integrated Model pillars.

Given the great existing global competitiveness and the increasingly high level of sensitivity of society towards the environment, Utingal has defined systematics for the collection of Environmental Risks and Opportunities and Life Cycle Analysis, as well as applicable Ecodesign measures in each specific case.

All manufacturing processes are carried out under the ISO 140001: 2015 internationally recognized standard in environmental management.
Certificación de calidad Utingal


Utingal Acreditado por Nadcap
180959certificate NADCAP

Seal Innovative SME

Utingal has been awarded with the Seal Innovative SME.


Our continuous improvement policy


Our continuous improvement policy is reflected on our recent improved facilities adapted to the current and expected needs: larger working areas, centralization of departments under the same building and optimization of operations, internal movements and shipping.

The project carried out in 2015, included a strong commitment towards carbon fiber and composites machining for the aeronautical sector, being this backed up with our clients support and engagement.

The Quality and Environmental policy is based on the commitment acquired by Utingal, S.L by working on meeting continuous improvement goals, encouraging the environment protection and fighting against pollution, not only during their industrial activity, but also as a transmitting tool regarding environmental improvement towards their clients’ and subcontractors’ activity, with the following scope:


Thus, to meet this goal, Utingal’s Management has developed the following guidelines, based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 y UNE EN 9100:

  • “Prevent pollution”. We will put in place practices, techniques, materials and products to avoid, reduce or control the generation, emission or discharge of any kind of contaminant or waste with the aim of reducing adverse environmental impact, given that the environment protection demands a responsible behavior from all of us.
  • “Continuous improvement commitment”. We will improve day by day and incessantly our Management System by promoting environmental behaviors and obligations related to the environment defense, respect and preservation as a permanent and essential value of any of the products made.
  • “Legal compliance commitment”. We will explicitly comply with the legal requirements applicable to our organization and also other environmental requirements that Utingal may subscribe. We will identify the requirements and will evaluate their compliance.
  • “Training, competence and awareness”. We will make sure that any person that performs tasks for Utingal or in our name, that potentially can cause any significant environmental impact, is competent with an adequate education, training or experience. We will communicate identified significant environmental aspects to our employees and we will promote a behavior that reflects environmental awareness.
    Likewise, making them aware of their contribution to the conformity and safety of the product and highlighting the importance of ethical behavior.
  • “Subcontractor and client awareness”. We will demand our subcontractors and any other person that works for Utingal, to comply with the environmental requirements, providing them, if needed, environmental performance guidelines. We will inform our clients, as long as it affects them, about the measures to reduce unfavorable environmental impacts.
  • “Resources management”. Utingal’s management will use adequate human, economic and rational means to perform a correct service delivery, ensuring sustainable development, and promoting the best use of raw materials and natural resources with the use of clean technologies, when technical and economically possible, the minimization of environmental aspects and its recycling, recuperation and reuse.
  • “To keep client satisfaction”. By reaching the maximum service quality.
  • “To keep smooth communication” with authorities, local communities, clients, subcontractors, suppliers and the general public, allowing operations and the current policy to be known and reacting in a positive way to legit information demands.